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 Learn how our free Fundraising Program can help raise tens of thousands of dollars for your cause or event!  

*Please understand that due to travel demands, some shows will require a minimum payment.  Please inquire to learn more.

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“We were able to put on the most successful one-night fundraising event our school has been a part of.”
– Dempsey Ortega • North Central High School 2017


Want to use our show to raise money for your Cause, or Charity? We have the simple system in place to make it happen, now! (And it costs you nothing out of pocket!)

Voted one of the “Best Fundraising Programs” and it’s completely FREE* – not costing any nonprofit organization needing to raise funds for any school or service organization helping children and their families around the country.
*Due to travel requriements, some shows will require a minimum payment derived from ticket sales or sponsors.

• We are currently Scheduling our Fall, and Spring Tours.  Contact us NOW to reserve your date!


“We raised more money and expended less effort on this fundraiser than any of our previous events!”
– Valerie Brown • Grand County Education 
Foundation 2017

“The show was a well-organized and crafted extravaganza of comedy, lights, music, magical skill and showmanship. Our fundraiser was a success!”
– Philip Kuntz – Kiwanis Club of Coeur d’Alene

This program has been used by hundreds of organizations nation wide for many years, including many High Schools, Kiwanis, Shriners, & Rotary Clubs – to make tens of thousands of dollars in a SINGLE EVENT!


As for the club/organization it’s as EASY as 1, 2, & 3:
1) Provide a facility
2) Promote the show
3) Pocket the profits


Our National Fundraising Tour is one of the best programs for nonprofit organizations to raise funds! The tour and show keeps growing and getting bigger with lots of new magic and illusions… making our stage show one of the largest touring magic shows in the country.

“David DaVinci and his show of thrills entertained some 22,000 attendees… during the 8 shows of Thrillusionist David DaVinci!  We hope he returns to Evansville…”
– Dale E. Thomas – Hadi Shriners – 2017