Breaking Free – A World Record Attempt

Breaking Free. Presented by Massif
Guinness World Record Attempt For The Highest Suspended Straitjacket Escape
Inspiring veterans through unique solutions.
Including a high altitutde hot air balloon tandem skydive.

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Magically Raising Money To Curb Veteran Suicide

World Champion Magician & “Thrillusionist” to team up with Mission Volant, in an effort to raise $60,000 for “Falling Soldiers” at the India Community Center in Milpitas, CA on September 14. Saving soldiers from PTSD is as simple as combining Magic with Skydiving. ...

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Spokane Magician Returns

Spokane’s only World Champion Magician – Born and Raised in Spokane, returns to entertain his home town audience for Corporate & Private Events!

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Thrillusionist, escape-artist, hair-gel enthusiast, and all-around fantastic showman to thrill audiences in his new hometown with a brand-new theater and show schedule

This Thrillusionist has made elephants appear, held his breath underwater for three minutes while escaping chains and locks and has even escaped a straightjacket while suspended over a den of lions. You read that right: he was suspended over a den of lions. He has also been known to do this while dangling from a free flying hot air balloon… nuts.

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David DaVinci Thrillusionist Review – By Rodney Lacroix

The Dawn of DaVinci By Rodney Lacroix “Okay. With a name like that he kind of sounds like a dink.” That was my first response when the kids asked to go see the David DaVinci show of illusions. Granted, I should probably start watching my language around my children...

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World Renowned Magician To Perform in Moab

Jenna Talbott Moab Sun News Contributor A new kind of magic is finding its way to Moab with the hope of wowing the young and old from both near and far. World-renowned magician David DaVinci and his family are bound for Moab next week, with an act DaVinci believes...

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The World is Her Stage

The Magician, His Muse, and Their Mini-Muse Sydney Capri has crossed more items off her bucket list and experienced more life than most Americans will ever dream of. She’s hiked the trails of Moab, UT, swam with dolphins in the Bermuda Triangle, and dipped her body...

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David DaVinci
C/O Canyonlands By Night
1861 N Hwy 191
Moab, UT 84532

David DaVinci Theater
Inside of Canyonlands By Night
1861 N Hwy 191
Moab, UT 84532

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Jillian Gibson
(641) 777-1052